GCCN Winter Plenary

Wednesday, December 2nd | 6.30pm | Zoom

GCCN held the 2020 Winter Plenary from 6.30pm on Wednesday, December 2nd.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, this meeting was held remotely using Zoom.

On this occasion, there was an opportunity to engage with the GCCN Strategic Planning.
Members were invited to help shape the new GCCN Strategic Plan 2021-2024 by taking the brief survey at the link here.

Please find below the Plenary documentation as follows:

  • Winter Plenary Presentation – December 2020
  • Winter Plenary Agenda – December 2020
  • GCCN Representative Reports – December 2020
  • Autumn Plenary Minutes – September 2020

GCCN Strategic Plan 2021-2024 Consultation 2020

GCCN is currently in the process of reviewing the GCCN Strategic Plan for the period 2021-2024 and we would like to hear your views on this! What are the priorities that you would like GCCN to focus on for the next three years?

  • All GCCN members were invited to take a survey and help shape the new GCCN Strategic Plan.
    The deadline to complete the survey was Friday, November 27th 2020.
  • The survey results together with suggestions from the floor were used during the Strategic Planning Workshop which was held as part of the Winter Plenary.

Under the current GCCN Strategic Plan 2016-2019, GCCN has two objectives:

  1. Advance the values of sustainability, equality, culture, community, empowerment and inclusivity and embed these in the policies, programmes and practice of local government, state organisations, national government and civil society.
  2. Develop and implement progressive models of and approaches to representation, participation and engagement for civil society in informing and shaping policy development and implementation.
    The strategic plan also outlines the GCCN values, vision, mission and principles.

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