GCCN Plenary Meeting September 2019Oana Nicoara

Plenary Meeting – September 2019

The third Plenary of 2019 took place on Wednesday, September 25th from 6.30pm in the Menlo Park Hotel, Galway.The GCCN Representatives Elections were held during this Plenary meeting. See details within.

Nominations Now Extended: GCCN Representative Elections

Nominations for GCCN Representatives 2019-2024 are now extended until Wednesday 18th September. GCCN members interested in applying are invited to send in their nomination forms before 12noon on 18th September. Elections will take place at the Plenary meeting on September 25th.
GCCN Elections: Get informed

GCCN Representative Elections: Guidelines and Information

In preparation for the representative elections to be held in September, the GCCN Representative Elections: Guidelines and Information has been compiled and is now available for download. The guide provides information on the GCCN Representative election process, the structures that GCCN is represented on and all the necessary guidance for those seeking a nomination on to one of the decision making structures on which GCCN is represented.
Curry and Conversations: Explore GCCN Representation

Curry and Conversations: Explore what it means to become a GCCN Representative

Have you ever considered becoming a GCCN Rep? Come along to this open meeting, have some curry with us and find out more!