GCCN Spring Plenary 2024

(Full-members Meeting)
Wednesday, 27 March
All members welcome!

GCCN Autumn Plenary 2023

Galway City Community Network (GCCN) recently hosted its highly anticipated Spring Plenary Meeting at the Menlo Park Hotel in Galway. The event, held on Wednesday, March 27, brought together GCCN members for an evening of collaboration, discussion, and planning aimed at advancing the community’s goals and initiatives.

The meeting kicked off with a warm welcome and introductions after which attendees then delved into the agenda.

A presentation by the Palestinian People to People Network, provided valuable insights into volunteering similarities between Palestine and Ireland, and possible collaborations. This presentation fostered cross-cultural understanding among attendees and sparked engaging discussions underscored by the importance of solidarity and collaboration on both local and international scales.

Community discussions, led by GCCN representatives, provided updates on ongoing projects and initiatives in the city, highlighting the collective efforts toward community development and empowerment.

Cover of the GCCN Strategic Plan 2024

We are thrilled to announce the approval of our new GCCN Strategic Plan 2024-2026. Attendees had the opportunity to review and approve the new document.

We would like to thank all members’ for their input which was invaluable for the creation of this Plan which reflects the organization’s vision and priorities for the next two years.

The meeting also addressed the pertinent topic of the upcoming local elections. A plan of action for the community was discussed and attendees engaged in productive conversations around the importance of active community participation and engagement, highlighting the collective power to effect meaningful change.

The Spring Plenary Meeting concluded with an update on GCCN activities and 2024 budget, providing members with valuable insights into the organization’s ongoing efforts and future plans.

For those unable to attend, please find the GCCN Spring Plenary Presentation – March 2024 – HERE. Other meeting documentation, including the new GCCN Strategic Plan 2024-2026 and the updated agenda, are available for download below.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Minutes & Matters Arising
  • Presentation – Palestinian People to People Network
  • Community Discussions – GCCN Representatives’ Updates
  • GCCN Strategic Plan
  • GCCN Elections – GCCN Secretariat & Planning SPC (deferred)
  • Discussion – Local Elections
  • GCCN Update – GCCN Activities, Workplan and Budget
  • AOB


  • The Plenary meetings are open to GCCN members only, unless non-members are explicitly invited.
  • Each member group/organisation is welcome to send up to two representatives to each event.
  • Coffee/tea and finger food will be served on the evening, so please let us know of any allergies/intolerance you might have, by emailing Oana at communications@gccn.ie.

GCCN Spring  Plenary 2024

GCCN members attending the Spring Plenary 2024, sitting at 4 round tables in the Menlo Park Hotel

Pictures of GCCN members attending the 2024 Spring Plenary.

Below, from left, Tommy Flaherty (Ballybane Resource Centre), Vusi Thabethe (Shining Light) , Hiba Awaysa (People to People) , Oana Nicoara (GCCN) and Brian Doherty (GCCN).

From left, Tommy Flaherty (Ballybane Resource Centre), Vusi Thabethe (Shining Light) , Hiba Awaysa (People to People) , Oana Nicoara (GCCN) and Brian Doherty (GCCN)
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Meeting Documentation:

Please find below the meeting documentation as follows:

GCCN Spring  Plenary 2024