Galway City Community Network is the Public Participation Network for Galway City.

The GCCN Plenary

The GCCN Plenary brings together the entire membership of the network four times a year. The Plenary meeting is the main decision making body of the network. The role of the Plenary is to:

  • Agree the three year GCCN Strategy (2016-2019);
  • Receive reports from the GCCN staff on the implementation of the strategy;
  • Receive reports from GCCN’s representatives on decision making structures in Galway City;
  • Agree or amend GCCN policies & positions;
  • Elect the members of the Secretariat;
  • Ratify GCCN representatives to committees/boards who have been nominated by members through the appropriate Linkage Group;
  • Consider motions from any GCCN member.

GCCN Structure

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The GCCN Secretariat

The Secretariat of Galway City Community Network  is comprised of up to 12 GCCN members who meet monthly on voluntary basis to manage and co-ordinate the network. They are responsible for ensuring that the aims, objectives of GCCN are implemented. The Secretariat is elected by the Plenary membership at the Annual General Meeting, when there is a turnover of at least one third of the group. The role of the Secretariat is to:

  • Approve the annual work-plan for the implementation of the GCCN Strategy;
  • Receive reports from the GCCN staff on the implementation of the work-plan;
  • Consider new applications for membership of the network;
  • Co-ordinate activities of the Linkage Groups as appropriate;
  • Act as a support to representatives and facilitate information sharing;
  • Facilitate the evaluation of GCCN activities.

Current Secretariat Members

The current members of the Secretariat

Derrick HambletonAn TaisceEnvironment
Terrence McDonoughEnvironmental PillarEnvironment
Joe LoughnaneGalway Anti-Racism NetworkSocial Inclusion
Imelda GormallyGalway City PartnershipSocial Inclusion
James CoyneWestside Resource CentreSocial Inclusion
Margaret Ó RiadaGalway Traveller MovementSocial Inclusion
Marian MaloneyAccess for AllSocial Inclusion
Garry LohanYouth Work Ireland GalwayVoluntary
Shane ForanGalway Cycling CampaignVoluntary
Joan KavanaghGalway Older People’s CouncilSocial Inclusion
Tommy FlahertyBallybane Community Resource CentreSocial Inclusion

GCCN Representatives

GCCN’s primary role is to support the participation and representation of social inclusion, community & voluntary and environmental groups in the decision making structures  and processes in Galway City. Our members are represented on a variety of structures, such as the Local Community Development Committee, Galway City Council’s Strategic Policy Committees and the Joint Policing Committee. GCCN representatives are drawn from our members, nominated by our Linkage Groups and ratified by our Plenary.

Linkage Groups

Linkage Groups are sub-groups of GCCN that meet on a thematic basis to discuss key policy areas & issues. GCCN has six Linkage Groups, which are open to all members as well as non-members. The role of the Linkage Groups is to:

  • Progress the actions to be undertaken in each thematic area to advance GCCN’s policies & positions;
  • Develop GCCN’s submissions to public consultations;
  • Receive reports & consider issues from GCCN’s representatives to decision making bodies in Galway City;
  • Offer guidance to GCCN’s representatives’ and agree common positions as required;
  • Nominate representatives to decision making bodies relevant to the thematic area.

In undertaking this work each Linkage Group is guided by the GCCN policies and positions which are agreed collectively by the members of the network at the GCCN Plenary. Representatives nominated by a Linkage Group are formally ratified at the next meeting of the GCCN Plenary.