On Saturday, 16th May 2020, Galway City Council has issued a Temporary City Mobility Framework Plan.

COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in dramatic declines in the numbers of people travelling to, from and within the city each day. As the restrictions are gradually eased in both the five-phase government recovery roadmap and in the local roadmap, the numbers of people accessing our city will inevitably start to increase again in a way that is different from before and this must be addressed in the context of social distancing requirements which are likely to remain in place for some time.

To facilitate these new patterns of travel and social distancing requirements, a City Mobility Team (CMT) has been established in Galway City Council.

The scope of the CMT will be to consider measures and supports required due to COVID-19, to support our businesses and residents and to get the maximum use out of public road space and other public places. The CMT will consider measures such as wider footpaths, safer cycling facilities, traffic restrictions and supporting businesses who may need the use of public space for social distancing purposes.

Concerns, issues and suggestions in regards to the use of public space in relation to COVID-19 issues can be referred to the City Mobility Team for discussion and consideration.

  • A standard template for this purpose is available here

All requests will be populated on a map of the city, so you can see requests submitted for your area of interest.

All requests will be carefully reviewed by the CMT, to identify which initiatives can be progressed safely. Galway City Council will update the status of requests, as they are reviewed by the CMT.