Rescheduled June GCCN Plenary Meeting on Zoom

Wednesday, 24th June 2020 at 6.30pm
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The first GCCN Plenary of 2020 will be held remotely on June 24th using Zoom.

To facilitate participation at the meeting, smaller group discussions will be held on themes including the following:

  • Housing and Accommodation
  • Planning
  • Economic, Community and Cultural Development
  • Transportation
  • Climate Action, Environment, Recreation and Amenity
  • Social Inclusion and Equality

Participants can choose one of the above options when they register.

The discussions will be held in four groups as follows:

  • Group 1: Climate Action, Environment, Recreation and Amenity
  • Group 2: Community Safety, Social Inclusion and Equality
  • Group 3: Economic, Community and Cultural Development
  • Group 4: Housing and Accommodation / Planning / Transportation

The questions to consider for the discussions are:

  • What are the issues and concerns?
  • What are the potential solutions?

The Zoom invitation will be circulated to the confirmed attendees prior to the beginning of the Plenary meeting.

Registrations close at 3pm on June 24th.

Please find below:

  • Draft Plenary Presentation
  • Plenary Agenda – June 2020
  • Plenary Minutes – December 2019
  • GCCN Representatives Reports 2020
  • Plenary Flyer – June 2020

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