Galway By Night

Open Call
GCCN Collective Submission to Galway By Night Survey

Share your insights with GCCN before 1st of March

As you may be aware, Galway City’s Night-Time Action Plan is currently developed by Galway City Council who is inviting residents, organisations, businesses and visitors alike to have a say via one online survey for Businesses & Organisations, one survey for Residents & Visitors and an interactive map.

GCCN Collective Submission

Galway City Community Network would like to make a collective submission to the Night-Time Action Plan involving all GCCN members.

We therefore extend an invite to all GCCN members to send us your comments and any relevant questions to Brian at before before Friday, 1st of March.

Individual Submissions

As well, if you wish to make an individual submission, we would encourage you to consider the following:

  • Some GCCN members have raised a point that the online surveys contain very little or no reference to community spaces across the city.
  • As included in the GCCN Policies and Positions document (page 26), GCCN proposes that: “A community space is available immediately as a priority to house the many arts and cultural groups currently active in the city who have no facilities or spaces.
  • As included in the GCCN Policies and Positions document (page 27), GCCN proposes that: “An arts management infrastructure is developed with sustained positions and a strong focus on equality and accessibility” and “All arts and culture infrastructure is community proofed so that accessibility for all sectors of the community, particularly those that are socially excluded, marginalised and disadvantaged, is proactively encouraged. Outreach work will be key to this approach.”

We would hence encourage you to raise the above points in your individual submission.