Local Enhancement Programme 2024 Cut-off date: 4pm on Friday, 26th January 2024

Local Enhancement Programme 2024
Cut-off date: 4pm on Friday, 26th January 2024

Galway City Council, through the Galway City Local Community Development Committee (LCDC), invites applications for capital funding from local community groups and clubs within the Galway City administrative area under the new Department of Rural and Community Development scheme, Local Enhancement Programme 2024 (LEP).

The Local Enhancement Programme 2024 (LEP) is being administered by Galway City LCDC on behalf of the Department of Rural and Community Development, with total capital funding of €127,606.49. Of the above funding allocation, €22,387.10 is ringfenced capital funding for Women’s Groups. Women’s Groups will also be entitled to apply for the general LEP funding available for community groups.

The aim of the Local Enhancement Programme (LEP) will be to support community groups and clubs, particularly in disadvantaged areas, with minor capital works and improvements to their facilities, and the purchase of equipment for community use. Such capital works may include carrying out necessary repairs and improvements to facilities, improved access for persons with a disability, improving energy efficiency of community facilities, or to purchase equipment for community use.

Please note, this funding scheme is strictly limited to capital expenditure and cannot be used for operational costs (e.g., electricity costs, refuse charges, heating charges, rental/lease costs, insurance bills etc).

Under the programme, Galway City LCDC will ringfence a proportion of funding to provide small capital grants of €1,000 or less, which will allow a larger volume of groups with limited resources to receive funding.

The scheme is designed to ensure local priorities are identified and met, in order to improve and enhance community facilities for all.

Applications should relate to one or more key priority areas identified in the Galway City Local Economic & Community Plan 2024 – 2029 which can be viewed online at https://www.galwaycity.ie/local-economic-and-community-plan/lecp.

The online grant application system is open for applications from today, Monday 8th January 2024. Links to online application system are as follows:

To make an online application for the LEP, interested groups can apply here: www.galwaycity.ie/lep
To make an online application for the ringfenced Women’s Group Funding, interested groups can apply here: www.galwaycity.ie/wgf

Please note that the closing date for online applications online is 4pm on Friday, 26th January 2024.

Further Information:

If the Irish version of the application and guidelines are required, please contact the Galway City Council office on 091-536358/091-536461 to request same.

For any queries regarding the grant, please contact Emma Johnston/Chelsea McConn Joyce on candc@galwaycity.ie or by phone to 091-536358/091-536461.

The fund is advertised in local press and promoted on Galway City Council’s social media and on Galway City Council’s website.