GCCN and Galway City Partnership Win

Funding for Work on Human Rights and Equality

Galway Advertiser Article

GCCN is delighted to have been recently featured in the Galway Advertiser, together with the partner organisation Galway City Partnership for winning necessary funding support for their new work on human rights and equality.

GCCN was one of the 42 organisations awarded by the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission under the Human Rights and Equality Grants Scheme 2020 with the project: “Building Collective Capacity and Engagement of Rights-Holders in Galway City”

The Galway Advertiser article states:

Galway City Community Network and Galway City Partnership will develop a civil society panel in Galway city.

Now in its fifth year, the Human Rights and Equality Grants Scheme awards small grants of up to €6,000 and general grants of up to €20,000 to support civil society organisations, rights-holder and community led groups, and trade unions in Ireland promote access to justice for people who face the greatest barriers to accessing their rights.

Ann Irwin, Galway City Community Network co-ordinator, says they are leading the third initiative to embed equality and human rights in Galway city, with partners Galway City Partnership and Galway City Community Development Committee.

“We look forward to building the capacity of those protected under the equality and human rights legislation, to engage with and use the Public Sector Duty as a mechanism to achieve equality.”

The Commission welcomed 138 applications to the grant scheme from across the country. Since its establishment in 2016, the Commission’s grant scheme has supported 150 human rights and equality projects across Ireland including research programmes, training or resource activities, conferences or events and cultural initiatives.

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