Local Community Development Committee

To download the final version of the Lcoal Economic and Community Plan please click here

The Local Government Reform Act 2014  provides for the establishment of Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs) within each local authority area for the purpose of developing, co-ordinating and implementing a coherent and integrated approach to local and community development.

LCDCs will be formed as public-private partnerships of socio-economic interests and will comprise representatives of local authorities and other State agencies, local and community interests, civil society and economic and social partners.  The LCDCs will be vested with responsibility for the co-ordination, governance, planning and oversight of all publicly funded local and community development interventions at local level.

A Local Community Development Committee was established in Galway City in 2014. Its function are:

  • To prepare, ensure the implementation of, monitor and review the community element of a 6-year Local Economic and Community Plan;
  • To co-ordinate, manage and oversee the implementation of local and community development programmes that have been approved either by the relevant local authority or by agreement between the LCDC and a relevant public authority, including Government Departments, State agencies, etc;

The LCDC replaced the City Development Board

For all the latest reports from the LCDC meetings please click here

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