Public Sector Duty


Thanks to all that came to the session on the Public Sector Duty. Please see below for resources:

  • To download the ERA Civil Society Guide to the Public Sector Duty, please click here
  • To download the ERA presentation, please click here
  • To download the ERA document, A New Public Sector Equality & Human Rights Duty Setting Standards for the Irish Equality Human Rights Infrastructure, please click here
  • To download the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission guide, please click here

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act 2014 introduced a duty on the public sector that should bring a focus on non-discrimination, equality and human rights centre-stage in their planning, policy-making, employment, service provision and procurement. It is a legal requirement that requires public bodies (which includes all bodies, groups and organisations in receipt of public funding) to have regard to the need to promote equality, protect human rights and prohibit discrimination for employees and people accessing public services in carrying out their functions

The Equality and Rights Alliance (ERA) is delivering a series of training workshops to support Civil Society organisations to make use of the new Public Sector Duty in their work for equality. The training will look at:

  • What the Public Sector Duty is.
  • How it could be implemented.
  • What Civil Society could do to promote implementation of the Public Sector Duty.

The aim of the training is to empower civil society organisations to become aware of the duty and create a demand to build momentum for implementing the Public Sector Duty  It will hopefully support a shared, grassroots analysis of the potential in this Public Sector Duty and how this potential might be realised and is based on the Values-Based Approach to implementing an Equality and Human Rights Public Sector Duty.

WHEN & WHERE? – Tuesday November 29th at 10.30am in the Harbour Hotel

WHO? – This event is open to all and is particularly relevant to civil society organisations concerned with equality.

AFTERNOON SESSION – Galway City Community will host a meeting of the GCCN Social Inclusion, Equality & Community Development Linkage Group in the afternoon to discuss the forthcoming LECP workshop and other issues. When registering please indicate that you will be remaining on – lunch will be provided

REGISTRATION – This event is free of charge but numbers are limited and registration is essential – to register email