GCCF designated Public Participation Network

As part of the reform of Local Government Act 2014, local authorities are required to establish Public Participation Networks (PPN) in each local authority area. Galway City Council have designated Galway City Community Forum as the Public Participation Network for Galway City. Membership of the PPN is open to all community and voluntary groups and organisations active in Galway city subject to criteria.

The PPN will develop a policy on the promotion of well-being for present and future generations. It will be the framework for public engagement and participation with local government and a range of other structures and will the forum for electing representatives onto decision-making bodies and structures. There are three electoral colleges for each PPN:

  • Social Inclusion – To join the Social Inclusion Electoral College an organisation’s primary objectives and activities must focus on social inclusion / social justice / equality.
  • Environment – To join the environment Electoral College an organisation’s primary objectives and activities must be environmental (i.e. ecological) protection and/or environmental sustainability. Membership of this Electoral College will be validated by the Environmental Pillar at a national level.
  • Voluntary – Organisations whose primary objectives are other than those listed above will be

All PPN members (including existing GCCF members and new members) are required to register with the PPN and to choose one of these electoral colleges. The PPN will elect representatives to the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC), the Strategic Policy Committees (SCPCs) and other structures on the basis of these electoral colleges.

A public meeting will be held on September 4th in the Menlo Park Hotel (registration from 6.30pm). This will be a consultation meeting for existing members of Galway City Community Forum and other groups and organisations that wish to become members of the PPN, particularly group/organisations that are covered by the electoral colleges. PPN registration will be open from September 4th.

Following a nomination process, a meeting to elect representatives to the PPN Secretariat, Local Community Development Committee and the Strategic Policy Committees will be held on September 23rd in the Menlo Park Hotel (registration from 6.30pm). The first part of the meeting will be an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider the PPN designation. Please note that this meeting will replace the GCCF Quarterly Meeting originally scheduled for September 16th.

To download the Briefing Paper to GCCF members please click here

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