The membership of Galway City Council’s Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs) 2019 – 2024 has been recently confirmed.

Galway City Council has five Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs), with a total of twelve members each, comprising eight Councillors and four Sectoral Representatives, that will meet quarterly.

A total of eleven GCCN Representatives have been recently elected to sit on the SPCs and represent the Social Inclusion, Environmental and Community/Voluntary sectors in Galway city.

See below the full list of GCCN Representatives, Councillors and other external members on each of the five SPCs:

Membership of Galway City Council's SPC 2019-2024

What is a Strategic Policy Committee?

Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs) were established to contribute to the formulation, development and review of policy5.

The SPCs bring together both Councillors and people actively working with social, economic, cultural and environmental bodies to develop and review policies related to council services.

The SPCs provide Councillors with external views as they discharge their strategic role in the development of the local authority, including their policy development and oversight roles within the local authority.

The SPC system is intended to give Councilors and relevant sectoral interests an opportunity for full involvement in the policy-making process from the early stages, when policy options are more fluid. Therefore, much of the preliminary and background work, discussion and recommendation should be completed at SPC level for final consideration and ratification by the Council.

Galway City Council’s SPCs for Galway city are:

  • SPC 1 Housing and Social Inclusion
  • SPC 2 Planning
  • SPC 3 Economic, Community and Cultural Development
  • SPC 4 Transportation and Infrastructure
  • SPC 5 Climate Action, Environment, Recreation and Amenity

The Chairpersons of the SPCs report directly to Galway City Council.

Please find below for download:

  • Membership of Galway City Council’s SPCs 2019 – 2024