Housing Linkage Group

Report of  Housing Linkage Group meeting  – Tuesday 4th November

At the meeting it was agreed the following points should be raised at the meeting of the  Housing SPC:

Housing Function of Galway City Council

  • Clarification on the new layout of the Housing Department
  • Clear system for reporting maintenance issues and timeframes for the completion of necessary works

Housing SPC Workplan/Priorities for 2015

  • What allocation will the Council be getting from National Government for Social Housing and will this employed directly by Council or will funds be made available to Approved Housing Bodies
  • Housing Allocation Scheme to be reviewed.

Incorporate recommendations of Implementation Plan on the State’s Response to Homelessness to ensure that homeless household are allocated housing with appropriate priority and also due consideration given to former RAS tenants.

Homelessness prevention and tenancy sustainment measures need to be put in place to minimise the number of homeless households.

  • Voids and vacant units

There should be greater collaboration between Galway City Council and Approved Housing Bodies.  In situations where the City Council does not have the necessary resources to bring voids or vacant properties back into use, these should be leased to AHBs

  • Council Sites

What is the status of and plans for City Council sites that were not moved into land aggregation scheme, including sites on Headford Road?

  • The Rental Accommodation Scheme is currently facing serious problems – landlords are leaving the scheme and tenants are not being re-accommodated– what are the plans to address these challenges?
  • Minimum Standards for Private Rented Accommodation need to be enforced more methodically
  • What is the status of the temporary Carrowbrowne Traveller halting site?

Communication between Housing SPC and Galway City Community Forum:PPN

  • Invitation to Housing SPC members to meet with the Galway City Community Forum:PPN periodically