GCCN Submission to the Busking Bye-laws Consultation

Galway City Community Network believes that the introduction of the Street Performance & Busking Bye-laws poses a significant threat to the continued flourishing of busking as an important and valuable social and cultural practice in Galway City.

GCCN endorses the Galway Buskers’ Code of Conduct. Our members call on Galway City Council to:

  1. Reject the draft Street Performance & Busking Bye-laws as an inappropriate and potentially damaging approach to the regulation of busking;
  2. Endorse Galway Buskers’ Code of Conduct as the most sensible and workable way to regulate and support busking in our city.

This submission has been developed by the Galway City Community Network working with the members of the GCCN Environmental Linkage Group and GCCN representatives on the Environment, Recreation and Amenity Strategic Policy Committee and the Joint Policing Committee.