GCCN Policies & Positions Review
Social Inclusion Workshop
April 6th | 6-8pm | Hybrid Event


GCCN would like to extend an invitation to all GCCN members to attend the

GCCN Policies & Positions Review – Social Inclusion Workshop
on April 6th, from 6pm to 8pm.

This Meeting will be a hybrid event held both via Zoom and in-person at Westside Resource Centre.


We will discuss issues related to Social Inclusion, Community Development and Equality which will support GCCN to update the Policies and Positions document. The workshop will also focus on deciding the GCCN priority areas for action and the GCCN vision for a creative and inclusive city.

The relevant section to read ahead of the Social Inclusion Workshop is Page 11-14 of the Policies and Positions document.

This event is part of a series of workshops facilitated by Rachel Doyle who was involved in the development of the previous Policies and Positions document.


This is a hybrid event open to all GCCN members.
Please pick one of the two registration options below.

Register to join in person
Register to join on Zoom
For queries, please email Oana at communications@gccn.ie.
Join and get involved in shaping the priorities for the Network!

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