GCCN Plenary June Meeting Register Here

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All welcome and a particular welcome to new members or members that haven’t been to a GCCN Plenary in a while!!

The next GCCN Plenary Meeting will take place on June 13th from 6.30pm to 9pm (6.00pm for registration and a bite to eat) in the Menlo Park Hotel.

To register please click here.

Hope to see all GCCN members there

The first part of the meeting will deal with GCCN business and the second part will provide an opportunity for participatory planning into the three GCCN initiatives agreed for:

  1. Engaging with Galway 2020 to ensure a focus on meaningful community participation, diversity and sustainability;
  2. Promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Galway city;
  3. Organising an event to address the housing and accommodation crisis in the city


Under the direction of the Linkage Groups, initial scoping work on these initiatives has been carried out. The Plenary meeting will be asked to do some participatory planning to progress this work. Key questions on each initiative include:

  • What is our objective in this area of work? What do we want to achieve?
  • Who are our “friends & foes” in this area? Who are our supporters and who do we need to influence?
  • What could our event/activity look like?
  • What additional information do we need to move forward?