GCCN Linkage Groups – Register for the Linkage Groups you are interested in

Register for the Linkage Groups you are interested in hereGCCN Structures

Galway City Community Network has established a series of thematic Linkage Groups to facilitate discussions and to support the representatives who also report back to the Linkage Groups. Linkage Groups are open to all members of Galway City Community Network and interested others.

In order to improve the efficiency of GCCN communications we are asking GCCN members to indicate which Linkage Groups they would like to receive information on by indicating in the survey below. You can tick as many of the Linkage Groups as you would like but you will only receive information on the Linkage Groups you tick.
GCCN has Linkage Groups in the following areas:
  • GCCN Arts & Culture Linkage Group covering:
    • Arts,particularly socially engaged arts;
    • Culture
  • GCCN Environment Linkage Group covering:
    • Environment and Climate Change;
    • Transport;
    • Planning;
    • Heritage;
    • Recreation & Amenity
  • GCCN Housing and Accommodation Linkage Group;
  • Social Inclusion & Community Development Linkage Group, covering:
    • Social Inclusion;
    • Equality & Human Rights;
    • Community Development;
    • Health & Wellbeing;
    • Community Safety;
  • GCCN Sports Linkage Group;
  • GCCN Economic Development & Enterprise Linkage Group