GCCN Climate Conversations 2022

Tuesday, 21 June | 6pm – 8pm | Zoom

After being selected as one of the pilot areas for the Climate Conversations in 2021, Galway City Community Network will hold a new meeting this year as part of this national initiative.

The PPN Climate Conversations are part of a series of conversations happening across the country, connected to the government’s National Dialogue on Climate Action. The 2022 Climate Conversations have been designed to ensure reach to as broad and wide-ranging an audience as possible across the whole of Ireland.

GCCN extends an invitation to all interested members to
join the 2022 GCCN Climate Conversations meeting
on Tuesday, June 21st from 6pm via Zoom.

Please see the attendance guidelines below.

The objective of the 2022 PPN Climate Conversations is to build on the 2021 findings to track progress and identify regional barriers and to understand what could drive further behavioural change amongst the population now and in the future.
The PPN sessions are intended to be self-led around the following themes:

  1. Climate Literacy
  2. Just Transition
  3. Transport and Travel
  4. Energy – Homes and retrofitting, Offshore Generation
  5. Circular Economy


This meeting is open to all, but numbers are limited so please register in advance by following the steps below.

  1. Please first REGISTER HERE.
  2. Read the Photo/Video Release Form – attached here and send a signed copy to equality@gccn.ie. Please note that all participants need to sign this form before attending to consent to the use by the Department (DECC) of any video, photographs, slides, transparencies, and images taken during the meeting which will be recorded.
  3. If you wish to share anything before the meeting, have a look at the set of questions below and email any answer or input you have before the meeting.


The following questions can be used as a guide for your discussion.
We would appreciate it if you took a few minutes to answer the ones you are interested in and send your input by email at equality@gccn.ie.

  • What factors are influencing your views on climate change?
  • What consequences do you most associate with climate change?
  • As an individual or as an organisation, do you know what you can do, what are you doing and what are you willing to do to address climate change?
  • Have you or your organisation been impacted by climate change? How?
  • What are your views on the Government’s ambitions to reduce our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and make Ireland carbon neutral by 2050?
  • What policy areas do you think the government should be focusing on to help combat climate change?
  • What are the barriers/challenges your community faces when trying to act on climate change?
  • What would you like the Government to do to support you to act?
  • How could your Local Authority support you more in your efforts to tackle climate change?
  • Where do you get your information on climate change?
  • How do you think we could get more people involved in the debate about climate change and motivated to act?

Climate Conversation – GCCN Report 2021

The Climate Conversation – GCCN Report 2021 drew on previous work undertaken by GCCN and outlined in the GCCN Policies and Positions document and the GCCN Submission to the Galway City Development Plan process. The text in italics are quotes from participants.

Download the report at the link below: