Galway’s First Festival of Sustainability

Galway City Community Network is delighted to be involved as one of the organisers of Loving Galway: Celebrating our Green & Blue Spaces,  Galway’s first Festival of Sustainability from September 20th-30th. The week-long event is being collaboratively organised by the emerging Galway Environmental Network, the Galway City Community Network, the Green Leaf initiative (Galway City Council), NUI Galway and a range of other groups and organisations interested in environmental issues and sustainability.

Full details of the programme will be published soon. Amongst the flagship events will be the Galway Environmental Network inaugural event,  Your City, Your Say: Be part of It.

The event will highlight planning issues in the city of Galway and promote the concept of participatory planning.The day will balance talks from local and international experts with public participation and contributions from the floor. It will include an opportunity to experience a hands-on participatory planning session to identify principles that should underpin planning in Galway.

29 SEPTEMBER 2018, THE PORTERSHED, GALWAY. 1.45pm (for registration) to 8pm

Keynote speakers include:

  • Angela Brady, partner Brady Mallieu, Past President of the RIBA, presenter of Designing Ireland and author of The Cork Papers
  • Diarmaid Lawlor, Director of Place, Architecture and Design Scotland
  • Frank Monahan, Architecture on the Edge
  • Professor Kevin Leyden, Joint Director, Creative, Liveable and Sustainable Communities Research Cluster Leader, Whitaker Institute
  • John Gibney, Director of Physical Resources, NUI Galway
  • Rosie Webb, Senior Architect in Economic Development at Limerick City and County Council

Refreshments include tea/coffee & a potluck tea and following the Green Gathering tips please bring your own cutlery, plate and cup if possible.