Galway City Council Sports Club Grant Scheme 2017

A compulsory meeting for all clubs and groups who wish to apply for this scheme will take place next Monday, 11th September at 20:00 in the Connacht Hotel.

Details of the scheme can be found here (link to PDF)

The meeting will open with the launch of the European Week of Sport (EWoS) 23rd  – 30th September

Galway City Community Network will make a presentation the meeting introducing the network and the Sports Linkage Group. This is the mechanism by which sports clubs and groups select the three city representation to the Galway Sports Partnership. The Sports Linkage Group will be a forum for sports clubs and others interested in sports, to meet, share information, raise issues and become involved in the future development of sport & recreation in Galway.

When representatives have been selected, the Sport Linkage Group will be the mechanism by which clubs and groups raise issues for the reps to bring forward to both the Sports Partnership and Galway City Council SPCs.

Please note, attendance at this meeting is compulsory for all those wishing to make an application under the grant scheme.