Galway City Community Network establishes a Sports, Recreation & Amenity Linkage Group

All sports & recreation groups asked to nominate representatives to Galway Sports Partnership

As part of the Local Government Reform Act 2014, Public Participation Networks were established in each local authority area.

Galway City Community Network is the Public Participation Network for Galway City. It is the network through which representatives of the community & voluntary (including the sport & recreation sector) are nominated and elected onto local authority structures.Edwin Brennan was elected by the PPN as a representative on the Galway Sports Partnership in September. There are now a further two vacancies arising on the Galway Sports Partnership. In order to elect the PPN representative, Galway City Community Network are establishing a Sports, Recreation & Amenity Linkage Group to facilitate the election of representatives to be ratified by Plenary meeting of all PPN members in March.
When established the Linkage Group  will  support and inform the representatives on the Sport Forum, on the Environment, Recreation & Amenity SPC and other bodies as appropriate.
If you are interested in participating on the Linkage Group and/or nominating a representative the following is the process:
  • Ensure you are a PPN member – if you are not sure email and we will check for you. If you are not a member already go to for further details. Please note only registered member organisations are entitled to nominate and vote for representatives;
  • Indicate your interest in the Sports, Recreation & Amenity Linkage Group by completing this separate registration form – The closing date is Friday February 13th 2015
  • For those interest in nominating a representative you will be asked to complete a nomination form that will be circulated to those that indicate their interest in the Linkage Group. The deadline for nominations will be February 20th.
  • Come to the meeting of the Linkage Group on Wednesday February 25th at 7.30pm in the Training Room, City Hall at which the election of the representatives will take place. If you are a nominee you will asked to outline your relevant experience in the area, your objectives in representing the PPN, your commitment to the PPN and to the Linkage Group. If you are not a nominee your organisation will be asked to vote (one vote per member organisation – you will be asked to nominate one person to whom this vote is assigned).
The initial closing date for registration is to facilitate the nomination and election process and registration and participation in the Linkage Group will reopen to all interested members of Galway City Community Network.