Environment, Recreation & Amenity SPC Meeting May 2015

The next meeting of the will take place on May 21st (rescheduled from May 14th).The GCCN reps are:

  • Brendan Smith, Ballinfoile Mór Community Organic Garden, speediecelt@gmail.com
  • Adrian Reidy, Access For All, adrianreidy@live.co.uk
  • Eleanor Hough, Grattan Court Residents Association, eleanorhough@hotmail.com

The agenda includes:

  1. Presentation by St. John the Apostle School – Presentation to Follow
  2. Presentation by Mikey McCrory on a ‘Buskers Code of Conduct’ – Presentation to Follow
  3. Minutes of Meeting of 12th February 2015
  4. Matters Arising
  5. Derelict Sites – Report Circulated at Previous Meeting
  6. Woodlands Management Plans – Report Circulated at Previous Meeting
  7. Draft Bio-Diversity Plan – Report Circulated at Previous Meeting
  8. Library Service – To Receive Update
  9. Ballyloughane/Grattan Beach Water Quality – Report to Follow
  10. Kingston Lands – Report to Follow

To download the minutes of the previous meeting please click here