Published on July 10th, 2020

Galway Community Organisations Needs Analysis Survey

Galway Volunteer Centre are trying to get a picture of what are the future plans and needs of the community groups in Galway city and understand if the Volunteer Centre’s existing supports can help and/or if new and extra ways will need to be put in place.

Help Galway Volunteer Centre be ready to help you as much as they can, as quickly as they can by
taking the Galway Community Organisations Needs Analysis Survey – click here!

Returning to Volunteering Safely

Volunteer Ireland and the Volunteer Centres have just published Returning to Volunteering Safely available for download here. This guidance and advice may help you in your plans to re-engage with your volunteers over the coming months.
Published in March – April 2020

Volunteering Advice

Volunteer Ireland have developed important information to ensure that, if your organisation is working with volunteers over the coming weeks, you will be able to do so in a way that keeps the volunteers, the people they are helping, and your organisation safe.

Please click on the links below for the guidelines and tools that you can use.

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities?

GCCN is supporting Volunteer Galway in their efforts during this time. Volunteer Galway are putting together a volunteering plan to tackle the current situation. Anyone interested in giving some of their time by volunteering in a safe way in the following weeks, please visit

COVID-19 Volunteer Management Video

Stuart Garland, the Training and Programmes Manager in Volunteer Ireland has created a youtube video that can advise you on how best to keep your active volunteers safe well during (and after) the Coronavirus crisis – you can view the video at any stage here.

Managing Volunteers in an Emergency

Right now, many organisations and individuals are responding to an urgent situation – either our work has increased as a result of COVID-19 or perhaps staff and volunteer numbers have decreased as people are ill or self-isolating. No matter how urgent the situation feels, we need to take a moment to pause and prepare properly before recruiting volunteers. If we don’t prepare properly, we could risk the safety of our clients, volunteers, staff and the public. Find more info here / here.

Webinars on Managing Volunteers in an Emergency

Volunteer Ireland will be running webinars that will guide you on how to manage volunteers effectively during an emergency.  Click here to see the full list of webinars and to register.

Do you need advice and help to work remotely?

Volunteer Galway have potential volunteers registered with all types of skills, including those with technical expertise and they want to help! If you are having challenges on figuring how to work remotely or setting up remote working solutions, they may be able to provide very valuable advice to you (remotely!) Examples of how a techie could help are listed here.

If you are interested you can either complete this short survey or you can contact Volunteer Galway.

Fill out the Urgent Request for Your Organisation’s Help Survey here.