Following a very productive process of consultation in relation to the Galway City Development Plan2023-2029 to date, GCCN intends to maintain the momentum and levels of interest generated in the community and to that end, will be hosting

a follow-up meeting with the Galway City Councillors on

Tuesday, June 1st at 6.30pm

to continue collaborative discussions on the City Development Plan 2023 – 2029.

The focus of this meeting will be the Chief Executive’s report and the GCCN collective review of the report, focusing on recommendations from the community, voluntary and environmental sectors it represents.

The meeting will be held with due regard to the Lobbying Act 2015 and will focus on making collective recommendations for strategic direction.

For further details and support, please contact

As the lead partner in the consultation process, GCCN appreciates the acknowledgement in the Chief Executive’s report, as well as the Office of the Planning Regulator.