NALA Plain English Guide to COVID-19 and Further Sevices

NALA's plain English guide to COVID19 words is for anyone who has literacy difficulties and needs help understanding health terms.

GCCN COVID-19 Newsletter - 29th April 2020

Check within the latest COVID-19 related information and updates.

COVID-19| Recognise and Report Child Abuse - Tusla Guide

Social isolation due to COVID- 19 makes it harder for authorities to identify child abuse cases. See within Tusla's guide on recognising and reporting child abuse.

COVID-19 | Safety and Protection for Vulnerable Adults

The HSE has a social work service that you can contact if you have a concern about a vulnerable adult who may be at risk of abuse. See details within.

COVID-19 | Seniors Alert Scheme Befriending Service

A new befriending phone-call initiative will support participants of the Seniors Alert Scheme. See details within.

COVID-19 | New Transport Regulations Road Safety Authority

Find within details of the legislative steps taken by the Road Safety Authority services as a result of the ongoing COVID 19 situation.

COVID-19 Community Assessment Hubs

The HSE have 16 Community Assessment Hubs now up and running around the country, with more opening shortly. See details within.

Stability Programme Update 2020

The SPU sets out a macroeconomic and fiscal scenario for the period 2020-2021 which incorporates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. See details within.

COVID-19 | Wellbeing and Mental Health Supports and Resources

Find within find a series of wellbeing and mental health supports, resources and programmes available during the COVID-19 alert.

Local Enterprise Business Continuity Vouchers

The new Business Continuity Voucher, available through Local Enterprise Offices, is now open for applications. See details within.