Manifesto and Hustings

Manifesto and Hustings

A range of local organisations including Galway City Community Network, Galway City Partnership, Galway Traveller Movement, Amach LGBTI+, Cope Galway, the Bridge Project, the Disability Federation of Ireland, Access for All and the Galway Anti-racism Network are working collaboratively to ensure that equality is at the heart of local representation.

By adopting the three values underpinning the manifesto developed at a national level by the Community Platform – community, decency, participation – the #EqualityVotesGalway Taskgroup have developed this manifesto calling on all local candidates to ensure equality is at the heart of their representation.

  • We want a local government that VALUES DECENCY. This includes progressing decent work, decent accommodation, decent transportation, and decent services for all in a healthy environment. Local government workplaces should be inclusive and reflective of the wider communities they serve.
  • We want a local government that VALUES COMMUNITY. This means supporting community, responding to diversity, combating inequality, and fostering creativity
  • We want a local government that VALUES PARTICIPATION. This means making decisions with the meaningful involvement of and for the benefit of people who experience inequality and poverty
All local election candidates have been invited to a Hustings on April 29th at 6.30pm in Croí, Newcastle – Directions Here – to respond to the priorities for equality and social inclusion that you set. They will be asked to respond to the priorities that give effect to the values identified.
We need you to be there – register by emailing