Strategic Policy Committees

Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs) were established in all local authorities in 1999, as part of reform of Local Government set out in Better Local Government: A Programme for Change (1990). The aim was to improve the development of policy within city and county councils. Elected councillors make-up two thirds of SPC membership and the remaining one-third is filled with representatives from local sectoral interests, including the community and voluntary sector. In this way, the SPC’s allow people with relevant expertise to work alongside elected representatives, and to contribute to and develop Council policy in a spirit of partnership.

SPCs facilitate the participation of elected representatives and local sectoral interests, including community representatives, in policy development at local level.

In Galway, SPCs play a key role in the development of policies for Galway City Council. There are five Strategic Policy Committees in Galway City:

  • Housing
  • Planning
  • Economic Development, Enterprise Support and Culture SPC
  • Transportation SPC
  • Environment, Recreation & Amenity SPC
  • Economic Development and Planning
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