As part of the Reform of Local Government Act 2014, local authorities were required to establish Public Participation Networks in each local authority area. Galway City Council designated Galway City Galway City Community Network as the Public Participation Network for Galway City.

Following a series of public meetings and an information campaign, which included advertisements in the local papers and extensive coverage on local radio, a new registration process was initiated and groups/ organisations wishing to become members of the PPN were required to register using this process. The Public Participation Network for Galway City was established in September 2014, hereafter to be known as the Galway City Community Network.

Galway City Community Network acts as the representative, collective voice of community, voluntary and environmental organisations in Galway City. Galway City Community Network will engage as an equal and independent partner and will assert the rights of the sector to organise and structure its own participation in arenas of social partnership.

Download the GCCN Constitution here

The December 2016 GCCN Plenary Meeting approved a range of new resources for Galway City Community Network.

They are available for download below and are also available in hard copy. Email info@galwaycitycmmunitynetwork if you would like a pack.

  • To download the GCCN Policies & Positions, please click here
  • To download the GCCN Guidelines for Successful Community Engagement, please click here
  • To download the GCCN Strategic Plan, please click here
  • To download the GCCN graph of structures please click here
  • To download the GCCN Representatives’ Charter, please click here

GCCN Submission to the SDG Implementation Plan

Localising the SDGs: Supporting SDG implementation at the sub-national level Galway City Community Network calls for the localisation of the Sustainable Development Goals using the structures at local…

GCCN submission to the SICAP review

The Social Inclusion Community Activation programme (SICAP) is currently being reviewed. To download the GCCN response to the SICAP survey please click here

GCCN submission to LECP Implementation, Monitoring & Review

General guidance on the development of LECPs by LCDCs and local authorities was issued by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community & Local Government in January 2015. The guidelines covered the…

GCCN Submission to the Open Government Partnership consultation

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an initiative of 70 countries. It aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness…

GCCN Submission - Applying Common Sense to the draft Parks, Open Spaces & Beaches Byelaws

Thanks to all that contributed to the Galway City Network submission, Applying Common Sense to the draft  Parks, Open Spaces & Beaches Byelaws. To download a copy of the submission please click…

Galway Transport Strategy - read the GCCN submission here

Galway City Council & Galway County Council, in partnership with the National Transport Authority, have developed the Galway Transport Strategy (GTS), an Integrated Transport Strategy for Galway City…

GCCN Submission to the Draft Galway City Development Plan 2017-2023

The CEO's reports of the submission received are now available

Draft Galway City Arts Plan

The draft Galway City Arts Plan has been issued and is open comment until Thursday 26th May. Comments are invited to or c&  by 4.00pm on that date. To download…

Heritage Plan 2015 – 2020

Heritage – identified as a living and inclusive entity for the residents of Galway. GCCN will be proactive in the development and implementation of Galway City Heritage Policy. To download the English…

Galway 2020 Bid - Read the PPN Submission Here

Thanks to everyone who came to the workshop and completed the survey. We have just sent the submission into the Galway 2020 Team and you can download it here The GCCN Arts, Culture and Heritage Linkage…

GCCN Submission to the Socio-Economic Statament for Galway City

Under the Local Government Reform Act 214, Galway City Council is required to develop an integrated Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) for Galway City. Galway City Council issued a draft Socio-Economic…

Initial submission to the Local Economic & Community Plan

Galway City Community Network has made an initial submission on the development of the Local Economic and Community Plan for Galway City The submission states that Galway City Community Network welcomes…


Insurance is a critical issue for Community & Voluntary Groups.

As a member of Galway City Community Forum your group can access a group insurance scheme brokered by BHP insurances in association with the Irish National Community and Voluntary Forum (INCVF). However, please remember that it is always a good idea to get several quotes before deciding on your insurance broker.

For more please see the BHP Website


The Constitution of Galway City Community Network, the Public Participation Network in Galway City, was ratified by the GCCN membership at the Plenary meeting in January 2015. The aim of Galway City Community Network is to co-ordinate and support the representation of the community, voluntary and environmental sectors in Galway City.

To download a copy of the Constitution please click here

Galway City Community Network is a Company Limited by Guarantee.

To download the Company’s Constitution under the Companies Act 2014, please click here

Reporting Template

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