Putting People First


Putting People First: Action Programme for Effective Local Government was launched by the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Development on October 16th Phil Hogan PPF2012.

To download a copy of Putting People First: Action Programme for Effective Local Government, please click here

To download a copy of the final report of the Alignment Steering Committee please click here

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The vision of the Action Programme is that local government will be the main vehicle of governance and public services at local level – leading economic, social and community development, delivering efficient and good value services, and representing citizens and local communities effectively and accountable.

Putting People First incorporates the Final Report of the Local Government and Local Development Alignment Steering Group. It states that, Local government will have a central role in the oversight and planning of local and community development programmes, through arrangements based on the report of a Steering Group on the alignment of the local government and local development sectors. The Group’s main recommendations include:

  • a Socio-Economic Committee in each city/county council for planning and oversight of local and community development programmes to replace the current City Development Board;
  • a 5-year City/County Local and Community Plan forming a component of the overall City/County Development Plan;
  • alignment of the areas of the local and community development programme with city/county boundaries as far as possible;
  • an inter-departmental group to secure a ‘whole-of-government approach’;
  • a national policy to establish a framework for a cross-government approach to local and community development at local level, and a common approach to budgets, costs and targeting of resources;

In the Foreward, the Minister states that PPF involves the most fundamental set of changes in local government in the history of the State from regional and county level through to the municipal level of governance.

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